GO2 Media Design Websites

Manzer Landscape Design
Creative Illuminations
United Lighting
ARCOM Space Planning
GO2 Dental Sites
Podiatry Centers of North Florida, PA
Mount Vernon Public Library

GO2 Media Design Websites

These are a few of the websites I designed while working at GO2 Media Design in Peekskill, NY, first as an intern and then as a freelance designer.

Manzer Landscape Design: a redesign of an existing site built using Drupal CMS

Creative Illuminations and United Lighting: website designs and both built using HTML, CSS and some PHP

ARCOM Space Planning: website design concept

GO2 Dental Sites: website template design for dentists using Drupal CMS

Podiatry Centers of NF: website design concept

Mount Vernon Public Library: website design and built using Drupal CMS

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